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A portrait of the XVI century


Rooms and Suites


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It hosts 26 rooms and suites in total, divided into three buildings, taken care of truly excellently

The Granai della Serenissima
The Granai della Serenissima, one of the biggest Veneto’s single span granaries, holds the ethnic room, decorated in ancient Burmese style, and the New York room, which flaunts eclectic and odd furniture, both at the ground floor; at the first floor there are the meeting rooms.

The stables
In the stables of the Villa we can find the Ristorante Foscarini and the lounge bar.

The Villa Dominicale
The Villa Dominicale, former barchessa, is a two floors building with a long portico with pavement in cobblestone that overlooks the garden to its full length.
This is the oldest part of the structure. It holds the Salone Cornaro, Suonatori and Quattro Stagioni rooms and a meeting room with a control room.


Villa Foscarini Cornaro offers an original and unforgettable luxury experience at the very edge of Venice and Treviso, enchanting places to find out.